Turn your brand into a daily destination.

In our world’s always-on, always-moving, attention economy, brands are generating and publishing content on a massive scale to be part of the evolving cultural conversation. But today’s approach means this content is scattered everywhere. And never in one single destination to create exploration and engagement in the new marketing funnel.


Introducing MFeed

A single destination experience where brands can engage users daily, gather valuable insights, and cultivate customers into mega fans with relevance to be part of a brand’s story, inspiring them with the next best content.

Pioneering Media Technology

To create a personalized consumer feed experience for all brands, without ever building an app, with the first ever turn-key “Feed” technology that creates a unique channel for any brand using its existing content to nurture customers.

A Feed of Inspiration

Utilizing the power of Malka’s advanced content studio platform and personalized publishing technologies we take a brand’s existing content, aggregate it, optimize it, and transform it to create hyper-relevance.

With Always-On Insights & ROI

With MFeed, capture content consumption data and build powerful persona strategies to better serve your current and future customers to be part of your brand’s story every day.