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Corey Mannicci
Technical Manager
Jason Aron
Art Director
Damian Szczepara
Putting the game within the game
The third annual esports bowl with Yahoo featuring big name gamers and NFL stars going head to head
When you combine e-gamers and NFL talent you get a competitive mix just right for a Super Bowl party. The Los Angeles Guerillas, a professional Call of Duty esports team, squared off against NFL talent for a livestream competition in the In The Know Bowl.
The 2022 In The Know Bowl was a four-hour live event broadcast from a mansion in the Hollywood hills. The live game featured commentary from the ShoutCasters Maven and Merk. Kay Adams, of the NFL Network, interviewed players as the action went down. The event combined the trash-talking, live-action and competitive best of both worlds.
The day of, the stream played on three platforms to over 350K viewers and hit more than 25M impressions across Yahoo properties in less than a week.

We produced the entire party, from experiential to digital. Over two hundred people attended and many thousands of people joined online. It was one of the most talked about and most seen events of the Super Bowl weekend.