Our Role
Creative Direction
Graphic Design
Motion Graphics
Set Design
Video Production
Post Production
Twitch, UberEats
Andrea Bucilla
Creative Director
Mike Mahon
Delivering the goods TO THE GAMERS
We gamified dinner with a mind-bending live stream and delivery experience
As part of the UberEats, "Tonight, I'll be Eating..." campaign, we partnered with Twitch to create and deliver a gamer-specific take for the series. Working with gamers Limit Maximum and Starsmitten we played with the possibilities of what Uber can do.
The creative idea worked with native a Twitch look and feel, posing the streamers as if they were playing against one another. We built two different Twitch-style gamer environments from scratch on a soundstage in LA. But we played with the fifth-wall of streaming in a fun way to put a spin on streaming culture.
By leveraging our on-site crew and our post-production visual effects team, we doubled down on our live-stream capabilities to create this piece of content. The result is a surprising spot that brings to life the feeling of Twitch and the convenience of UberEats.