Our Role
Creative Direction
Graphic Design
Motion Graphics
Set Design
Video Production
Post Production
Twitch, UberEats
Andrea Bucilla
Creative Director
Mike Mahon
Delivering the goods
We gamified dinner with a mind-bending
live stream and delivery experience
As part of the UberEats, "Tonight, I'll be Eating..." campaign, we partnered with Twitch to create and deliver a gamer-specific take for the series. Working with gamers Limit Maximum and Starsmitten we played with the possibilities of what Uber can do.
The creative idea worked with native a Twitch look and feel, posing the streamers as if they were playing against one another. We built two different Twitch-style gamer environments from scratch on a soundstage in LA. But we played with the fifth-wall of streaming in a fun way to put a spin on streaming culture.
By leveraging our on-site crew and our post-production visual effects team, we doubled down on our live-stream capabilities to create this piece of content. The result is a surprising spot that brings to life the feeling of Twitch and the convenience of UberEats.