Our Role
Art Direction
Graphic Design
Remote Production
Set Design
Jason Aron
Technical Director
Corey Mannicci
Launching the second coming from Kazakhstan
We challenged Borat to a live-streamed gaming challenge and it went very nice!
For the release of Borat 2, Twitch and Amazon Prime came to us to create a secret launch event. Popular streamer Dr. Lupo was squared against Borat himself. The two met online to game for the ultimate prize: Global Supremacy.
In less than two weeks, we developed the idea with a completely unique Kazakhstani look and feel for the set and stream. We created animated backgrounds, Slavic-inspired visuals and a cohesive creative link between all on-set and on-screen assets.
Our live team produced the event across both locations and managed the Twitch channel while the game went down. The stream attracted half a million views, and overnight became the most watched branded stream in Twitch history.