Our Role
Creative direction
Art direction
graphic design
Post production
Set design
2D animation
3D vFX
Color correction
Supervising Producer
Emily Dimon
Creative Director
Morgan Reber
Creative Producer
Alicia Parker
Presenting one tool for all hairkind
Making a splash in the beauty industry is no easy feat, so we helped Shark do it with style
SharkNinja’s foray into the beauty industry was no small step. The Shark FlexStyle is a one-for-all product that can be personalized for all hair types, textures and styles. With a bunch of versatile attachments, people ‘build their own’ unique experience for their hair journey.
Our challenge was to tell the story of the product and showcase the possibilities for every hair kind through several videos. The technology is hype-worthy with a wow-factor that has to be experienced and we went with a VFX and CGI approach to make that happen. We wrote a story that put the user front and center, showing why the product is different.
In the span of three weeks, our Build Your Own videos split the line between informative and inspirational. Our technology animation is warm and inviting. We delivered an accessible and exciting intro for the Shark haircare brand. And, all of this helped show off the reach of the FlexStyle.