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Creative Director
Claudio Vieira
Mike Mahon
Supervising Producer
Will Keesee
Giving away HEIDI'S holiday bonuses  
This holiday campaign presented hardworking people with well-deserved holiday cash
MoneyLion was set to give $50K as a holiday bonus for hard working users and they needed a full campaign to wrap the giveaway in a bow. We brought in SNL’s best, Heidi Gardner, to share the wealth with MoneyLion followers. We produced videos and a suite of campaign assets to fuel the campaign. We invited people to nominate friends who deserve a little extra holiday dough.
We rallied our team for a one day, seven-scene, seven wardrobe changes, and a bunch of wigs on one set in NYC. We drove the creative development, talent sourcing and the full production in record time (less than 10 days for post-production). We planned a truly omni-channel campaign, activating everywhere: organic social, CTV, display, email, in-app, influencers, paid social, online video, blogs, and earned media.
This campaign was named Ad of the Day by The Drum. It generated 63M impressions and MoneyLion received over 10K nominations on social media - ten times more than expected! The nominations inspired followers to share personal stories, creating brand affinity by building an emotional connection.