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Hawk vs Wolf
Dave Krupinski
Creative Director
Christina Notarmuzi
Dan Lovi
Design Director
Farnaz Taher
Catching air with skateboarding legends
A new-look, new-sound podcast for Tony Hawk and Jason Ellis
The two skateboarding legends have a lifelong friendship and a hilarious podcast. When we got the chance to help Tony Hawk and Jason Ellis revamp it, we leapt at the opportunity. We went to work with our design and production teams to ignite the property and give it new life.
Our task: redesign the set, overhaul the visual identity and rethink the production and distribution. Our design team gave the two a unique graphic look to showcase their long history as board leaders and friends. We created a new opening sequence to show off the best of what the two athletes can do. And finally, we brought a Cali skate-life vibe to the set, making it a place where they could welcome even more friends, new and old.
We strategize, create and disseminate full length, short-clips and cutdowns so Tony and Jason can reach their audience wherever they are. And it shows – Hawk vs. Wolf more than doubled its viewership week over week once we took over.