Our Role
creative strategy
Creative direction
Art direction
Graphic design
Script Writing
Set design
Color correction
Video production
Post Production
Visual Effects
Ernst & Young
Creative Director
Mike Mahon
Topher Ziobro
Andrea Buccilla
Supervising Producer
Allie Barham
Post Supervisor
Steve Ginsberg
We differentiated EY in a competitive recruitment pool with people-focused assets
As a business service organization, Ernst & Young is in a constant state of recruitment. But in this new day, finding great talent is not what it used to be. So we partnered with them to help tell potential employees it's not an either/or choice at EY.
We worked to create a strategy to reach our target audience. Then we crafted a story that played with the idea of work/life balance. Together with a tagline, campaign approach, complete graphics and script writing we set to producing the campaign.

We shot these pieces in the bay area in the real life spots where young professionals live and work. In a series of social sequences, we showed future applicants how balance is real at EY. We used the form and language of social media to reach our audience before they visited EY’s job-boards.
This big campaign was called, My Why. It ran all across social and paid media, on Spotify, Snapchat, and LinkedIn. We made this a native TikTok ad the first for EY and so successful. The diversified approach delivered attention grabbing and brand defining content. EY communicated their Why to future recruits in a memorable and relatable way.