Our Role
Creative Direction
Art Direction
graphic design
Video production
Set design
2D animation
3D vFX
Creative Director
Mike Mahon
Mitch Hooper
Supervising Producer
Will Keesee
Tom Morrison
Jonathan Pierce
Creating impact where it matters most
For Deloitte, a simple idea can create positive change for the world.
When you’re a company that spans the globe like Deloitte, people know your name, but not necessarily what you do or the positive impact you make. So we conceived, wrote, and produced a video that told the world all about every side of Deloitte.
The narrative challenge was huge. A massive company has a massive amount of detail and narrative arcs that could be used. Our team used years worth of knowledge about Deloitte from working with them to uncover their strongest story, and humanized it so that it connected with all audiences.
To visualize this story we got very creative. We combined a mix of custom and stock footage with innovative visual effects and animation to create an impactful video. The result of this approach is the “crown jewel” for Deloitte, a brand video that will impact the entire global business, from broadcast media to B2B sales to recruiting to internal communications and beyond.