Our Role
Creative direction
Art direction
Graphic design
3D Animation
2D animation
Sound Design
Creative Director
Mike Mahon
Art Director
Sam Alexander
VFX Supervisor
EJ Brieva
Ronaldo Amador
We hold these truths to be non-fungible
We made the blockchain relatable with human-centered storytelling
Deloitte, the global consulting group, was making moves into the blockchain space. They came to us to help steer the story in a new direction: toward the human experience. We worked with Deloitte to infuse a heavily complex topic with emotion and relevance for many.
We partnered with Deloitte’s internal Green Dot agency’s creative team to conceptualize the story. The direction visualized the blockchain as a surreal space in which humans can act and make a difference. We used detailed 2D and 3D animation with language that made the blockchain understandable to a wide audience. 
We finished off the creative direction for this project with high-end sound design. The audio additions gave the space a greater impact and depth. To top it off, we created multiple different versions of this video for Deloitte to use across marketing and sales.