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Mitchell Hooper
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Knocking it out of the park
A bank, a baseball player and a mascot
have a day off with big appetites
For our first project with Citi as a client, we put together a home run from start to finish with a TV commercial set to air during Mets games, on the Mets channel, SNY. We built the concept around Allstar NY Mets First Baseman Pete Alonso on his off day. We made it simple. Pete is at home, ordering food for his recovery day. And he uses the Citibank Cashcard to make it happen.
We set-dressed a townhouse in Brooklyn with Citibank brand touches and made a customized bathrobe for Pete Alonso. The spot surprised and delighted the audience with a voice over from Mets radio play-by-play announcer Howie Rose. Even Mr. Met, the team’s mascot, got in on the fun, and the pancakes.
We scripted, designed and produced everything for this spot. We have years of experience working in branded sports advertisements and Citibank got the best of our abilities. The work paid off, with the ad airing during Mets games on television and in-stadium. With its popularity and success, it’s been running for its second straight season.