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Telling the story behind the marketplace
From high-tech to small businesses, the world’s largest store is also home to an amazing collection of stories
Amazon is known for its goods, services and delivery. It’s less known for the people they employ, the businesses on the site and the communities that benefit. We partner with and power Amazon Stories, the in-house group that tells the stories behind the global business, to raise public awareness of life behind the scenes at Amazon.
We designed a content production process, from pre-production through post-production, that allows us to deliver these stories on demand. So far, we’ve created over 1,500 assets with a fully dedicated team. Taking advantage of our full stack production model, Amazon is able to put high-quality content everywhere where viewers are, ensuring the stories are seen and felt.
We’ve helped showcase Kokayi, Rivian, Outside In, Hairstylist, and Capital City. These employees, customers, and businesses highlight the greater impact Amazon has in lives and communities across the country.