Our Role
Creative direction
Video production
set design
Graphic design
Amazon Music
Corey Mannicci
Luke Sullivan
Streaming live music to fans everywhere
Show after show, song after song, Amazon’s City Sessions change the nature of live music
If you want to see Warren Zeiders, Fivio Foreign, Jelly Roll, Tyler Hubbard or Macklemore you could wait for them to come to your city. Or you could tune in to Amazon's City Sessions and catch them in real time. We were the go-to production partner to pull off these ambitious live events.
We created the full production approach for this weekly concerts series. With our long standing knowledge of the Twitch platform, we were able to run the show from start to finish. We sent teams to Amazon Music studios in Brooklyn and Los Angeles giving each show a polished look and exciting feel.
Throughout 2022, we produced ten City Session shows and a couple of special musical events with artists you may know. Each show was seen by over 10,000 live viewers and many more thousands after.