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Allie Barham
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Mohammed Rahman
Illuminating what it’s like to Glow
The story of how technology can really connect people across long distances
Amazon’s Glow is one of the few technologies that make distant connections feel real. It did more than connect faces and voices. The Glow put families first with interactive games and discoveries so the feeling of being together wasn’t lost.
We understood that Glow was more than another tablet or phone. We went to work developing a creative idea to show the connection between those pulled away from their families. Our story featured long-haul truck drivers, nurses and first responders who often find themselves working away from home.
We created a flexible and fun set where the kids and adults showed off how Glow worked and felt. Our crews hustled to capture three strong stories Amazon would then use across 30 different assets. And we produced all of this on a two-week timeline. The commercials ran on broadcast in select markets nationwide and were accompanied online by digital and animated pieces.