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Mike Mahon
Nikki Palucci
Tom Morrison
Getting on a roll
with small BIZ
We stepped up the story for ADP Roll, the perfect payroll solution for small business
ADP provides human resource services to companies of all sizes. For small businesses, they developed a new tool to empower their payroll and HR needs. We teamed up with ADP to launch Roll and communicate the advantages of this app to all.
ADP Roll is a powerful tool for small businesses. It puts big business capabilities, large scale data and top-level benefits in the palm of their hand. With creative editing and animation, we showcased the users of the app and detailed the product’s design, features and functionality. We showed how this one-of-a-kind tool is a real value for small businesses.
This style helped fuel further ADP sales and marketing materials. The strong animation and character focused storytelling made their way into future Roll spots and ADP branded content. This video and the entire campaign helped energize the use of Roll to thousands of businesses across North America.